Business field of  ADVANCE ELECTRIC

We develop and manufacture high precision
valves that are geared to meet the stringent
cleaning requirements of the semiconductor
manufacturing nodes.
In addition, Advance supports the bio,
medical and analytical industries
with its market-proven, world-class
performing solenoid valves…

Semiconductor Industry,Medical Industry,Enviormental Industry

Message from Chairman

“Wanting to be ahead of the rest” is the slogan of our company name.
We believe that originality is key in maintaining this spot at the top.
Advance’s valve technology has been expanding throughout the entire globe since 1981 and continues to be a vital part for the development of emerging technologies.
Our valve technology has left ever-lasting footprints across multiple industries that no one has ever set foot upon before.
I believe the vision of being at the forefront of technology leads to the engineer to drive for prosperity. I always give the “railway car” example to our employees:
The lead car is not the driving force of the train. Rather, it is each individual car working together that powers the train down the track like a bullet train does.
Even before the onset of social revolution and technological innovation all workers used to think for themselves and joined forces. I believe that is the key to carving a path to the future.
Through imagination and lively exchange of ideas we will continue to respond with technology and products for our customers and society.

Noboru Hida  Chairman & CEO

Noboru Hida  Chairman & CEO

Noboru Hida  Chairman & CEO

Message from President

Advance’s high-precision valves are not only required for medical instruments and environmental analytical equipment, but are vitally needed for semiconductor manufacturing of smart phones and artificial intelligence which have achieved remarkable progress. For the escalating needs of the global market these products require an even higher degree of cleanliness.
Advance’s products for the semiconductor industry are manufactured at its headquarters in Kasugai Shi. Products for the bio, medical and analytical industries are manufactured at its plant in Okinawa.
Advance also has manufacturing plants in South Korea, Taiwan, and a sales office in the USA. With these overseas locations and with its world-wide sales partners, Advance is able to expand the sale of its products throughout the globe.
We like to propose solutions to our customers. Since the establishment of Advance, we try to apply the experience built by our predecessors. For the high-precision valve market we will continue to contribute to our customers’ challenges.

Tsuyoshi Hida  President

Tsuyoshi Hida   President

Tsuyoshi Hida  President

Basic Principle

Employees are assets, people are treasures

We believe that quality goods and bright ideas are the product of working in an comfortable environment. For example, the break rooms and the Japanese style rooms at the Kasugai R&D center can be used after 5pm for meetings. These rooms provide a relaxed atmosphere and can bring out new ideas from people during meetings.

New technologies are born through flexible thinking

For example, Advance’s solenoid valves and flow sensors are used in artificial dialysis and blood analysis equipment for protecting human life at hospitals and dialysis centers.
There are various types of chemicals and large volumes of fluid is fed through this equipment so the valves have to be high purity and highly corrosion-resistant.
Advance possesses much know-how on fluid control. In addition, we have abundance of experience and track record with low-flow liquid control and inline mixing and continue to support the challenges of our customers.

Also, as the design nodes of the semiconductor manufacturing process continue to shrink our pneumatically-operated valves continue to evolve.

The stage is the world. We aim for the global standard.

Advance valve technology is utilized throughout the world. We have a large portfolio of patents and international patents for product technology used overseas.

To provide support to customers around the world we have locations in the US, South Korea and Taiwan. have manufacturing locations in

Our manufacturing plant in Okinawa is used as an international logistics base as well.
While we procure a portion of valve parts overseas we also aim to contribute to the local industries.

Management System Policy

Advance Electric Group
Management Philosophy

Quality Policy
Constantly reach out to customer needs
Self-challenge yourself to bring your core engineering level higher

Always work at full speed and develop the best product and deliver it at its highest state

[specific activities]

  • ①Build a clean room that supports the leading edge semiconductor process
  • ②Achieve precision machining under a temperature-controlled manufacturing environment
  • ③Maintain absolute quality in order to avoid shutdown of semiconductor manufacturing lines
  • ④Desire leading edge technology for manufacturing processes
  • ⑤Acquire and communicate global information
  • ⑥Put the person in sales who can design and develop quickly
  • ⑦Use second-to-none analysis equipment from universities
  • ⑧Have the ability to create leading-edge in-house facilities
  • ⑨Develop top-class custom valves
Environmental Policy
Look for every opportunity to harmonize the environment with business activity and aim for management that gels together.

[specific activities]

  • ①Provide tranquility to people via a green-rich headquarters
  • ②Maintain small Japanese gardens and pavilions by the factory
  • ③Bring about a clean image to the factory
  • ④Maintain a water reservoir for vivid colored carp to swim in
  • ⑤Providing products for environmental analysis equipment
  • ⑥Use of solar power and water recycle
  • ⑦Waste management in compliance with laws and regulations
  • ⑧Awareness of regulated chemicals with honest and responsible behavior
  • ⑨Scientific and rational management with communication of chemical substances contained in products
Occupation and Health Policy
While battling global tensions, using flexible ideas to create new and safe technologies in a relaxed working environment that get the most out of the employees

[specific activities]

  • ①Create an environment to enable creativity in meetings
  • ②Create a fitness environment for employees
  • ③Create a cafeteria for breaks and interaction
  • ④Create a good working environment for men and woman to thrive
  • ⑤Maintain and strengthen the working climate
  • ⑥Hold parties to interact with family members
  • ⑦Learning beyond work with the opportunity to grow
Information Security Policy
Work to achieve further progress to protect confidential and personal info of our advanced business partners by maintaining leading-edge research and development

[specific activities]

  • ①Conform to safety trade control
  • ②Protect all customer confidential information via a customer confidential safeguard system
  • ③Control access to laboratories and manufacturing buildings
  • ④Network isolation and surveillance implementation
  • ⑤Evaluate the risk of net intrusion
Business Continuity Plan Policy
We fulfil our supplier responsibilities to customers by having a BCP in place in the case of serious natural disasters that would effect the semiconductor and medical equipment industries.

[specific activities]

  • ①Securing a power generator and food
  • ②Supply well water to employees and area residents in the case of a natural disaster occurs
  • ③Have a vibration-free floor installed to protect machining equipment and parts
  • ④Manufacturing system is dispersed in multiple locations
  • ⑤Have established a global repair and maintenance system
  • ⑥An infrastructure virtualization/back up has been implemented

By our slogan, and after stakeholders requirements including regulations were deeply recognized, as well as a continuous improvement thoroughly being implemented by PDCA, have we have made a contribution to society.

Established on May 20, 2016
Revised on February 20, 2023
Advance Electric Co., Inc.
Tsuyoshi Hida President

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